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December 9, 2012
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Krave sat at her window, watching people walk by, everything was pretty quiet. she watched a carriage pull up outside the manor. It was white, fancy gold patterns all over it, the kind you'd find in a fairy tail. She watched her brother, the current White Knight, open the carriage door to allow the king to emerge. The king was currently looking for a wife and Klouse, her brother, said he would suggest her and her sister to him, the twins beamed at this, neither of them wanted to take their brothers post as Knight, Queen seemed much more glamorous and fitting for them. She stood up and smoothed down her dress just as her sister ran in, "Were you looking out of the window too?!" Knight grinned, She looked exactly the same as Krave but her face was lacking the blue, clown like birthmarks, they were wearing the same dress, Knight's was a light blue and Krave's, a deep red. They ran up to each other and hugged, squealing like little girls, "I can't believe Klouse actually convinced him!" Krave said, excitement filling her voice, her sister replied with equal excitement, "Neither can I! this is amazing!" she giggled. Krave and her sister hurried down stairs in time to hear a part of Klouse's conversation with the king, "They get quite excitable."
"That's fine Klouse, formal visits are no fun."
Krave suddenly stopped and Knight smacked into her back, "What's wrong Krave…?" she asked, looking worried,
"I… I don't want to see him anymore…" she squeaked, the sudden change of mind surprised her sister,
"Why not?" Knight questioned, frowning, "We're half way down the stairs and you were so eager before!" she smiled and poked her sisters back. Krave fell onto the step and held her chin in her hands,
"What if… he doesn't like the marks…" she sniffed, So long had she been criticised for her birth marks, she hated them, she feared he'd hate them too.
"If he doesn't like them that's his problem" her sister smiled, "Kings can be over rated, I heard The Marchland Duke has his eye on you…" Knight winked, a grin splitting her face, "Also there's Dracob… you guys have been best friends since he first came here…" she smirked and held out a hand, "I think you should meet him anyway, I mean, he IS royalty!"
Krave took the hand and stood up, she smiled at her sister, the blue markings either side of her face making her smile brighter. The twins walked calmly down the stairs, the King stood there, Klouse standing next to him, smiling at his sisters. The girls curtsied in unison, they looked at each other and giggled, the curtsy was unplanned and the King smiled at them, nodding a short greeting in return.
"Alphonse, These are my sisters, Knight and Krave." Klouse said confidently, "As you are in need of a bride I thought one of them would be suitable. Knight is training to be a doctor, it is her aim to be the first woman doctor of wonderland, Dracob has been teaching her.."
The king kissed Knight's hand graciously and she giggled. Klouse continued to introduce his sisters,
"Krave is the eldest of the two, she's a worrier…" He smiled softly at his sister, proud he had her. The king softly kissed Krave's hand, smiling up at her.

The day was long and Krave was rather happy to get away from the pressure of having to impress someone of such high status. She hurriedly walked along the halls, clutching a small pouch of food, smiling at her efforts to make it; Chicken Steamed buns and egg rolls, anything she could muster from the asian cook book she was given. Cooking was a favoured past time of hers, strange delicacies from other realms and the foreign tastes.

She reached the large doors that led to a large library, upon opening the doors, all that could be seen were stacks of books and large oak shelves holding every book known to man, all kept ordered in their genres and genres within those genres that were ordered alphabetically. Behind all this order was one man, strange to think he could do it all on his own but the truth being, he had spent the whole time he'd been in Wonderland he had been ordering it and he still wasn't done. This was because he'd spend days reading all of these books, expanding his already swollen brain. She walked through the maze of shelves, following the strong smell of opium that hung in the air like a trail. Eventually she got to a small clearing by a window that was never open, piles of books with various scraps of paper and other strange flat objects substituting book marks, in the centre of these piles was a large blue mushroom, things had been growing around it, making it look less out of place than it was. sitting atop this blue mushroom was a man, sitting cross legged and reading a large book, smoking a blue hookah. There was no doubt of his favourite color as he was clad in blue, a light blue Kimono was wrapped around him and slipping off his left shoulder, too engrossed in his book to pull it back up.
The hookah hung from his mouth lazily as he puffed the smoke from the other side of his mouth. His blue hair was tied back effortlessly in a loose pony tail which allowed it's self to rest on his left shoulder, as soon as Krave entered the space where the strange plants and mushrooms were growing a pair of deep blue antenna twitched on his head.

She walked up to the man and lowered his book so he would look at her, "Hello there Dracob.." she smiled, Dracob blinked and a soft smile spread across his usually blank pale face, "Krave.. I was wondering when you were going to turn up.."
Krave smiled and hopped up onto the mushroom to sit with him,
"I brought you some food I made.." She said as she handed the pouch to him,
"Oh you do spoil me Krave, did you use the cook book I gave you?"
"Yeah… Egg rolls, pork dumplings and Chicken steam buns, all to which I've tasted and are delicious, if I do say so myself."
"Well I'll be the judge of your cooking abilities Miss Kuro." He said as he opened the package, he inhaled deeply, "Ah.. That familiar smell of grease and chicken."
Krave laughed, spending time with Dracob was always fun, he always had a good story to tell, always something you could learn from him.
"What are you reading?" She asked, lifting the cover of the book when Dracob pushed her hand back down,
"I'm reading about Entities…" He said, biting into a steamed bun,
"Those things that cause nightmares?"
"We only THINK they do, they're actually very peace loving.. however true to the legends they ARE around eight feet tall and green." He frowned suddenly, "I don't like green."
Krave giggled, "It's an okay color I guess."
"Vomit is green."
"You're very forward…"
"Only if you want me to be." He placed a piece of paper in-between the pages and closed the book with a soft fwump. She blinked for a moment, she couldn't help back think back to what her sister had said that morning, she smiled at him nohow.


The pair emerged from the thick winter sheets, panting as passion left them. They looked at each other and smiled, Krave turned on her side and rest herself on his chest, allowing him to put his arm round her. "How eventful…" she said when her breath returned,
"Let's not pretend it hasn't happened before…" Dracob smiled and kissed her head, "What you need is a boyfriend."
"What you need is a girlfriend… or a boyfriend if you're into that kind of thing." She smirked and lifted herself up to rest on her hand, looking over him and covering herself with the sheets. Dracob smiled up at her, "I'm not sure my sexuality should matter to you…" he said, reaching up to touch her face.
"Before you start with your philosophy, I warn you, I'm probably not going to understand any of it."
"You understand more than you think."
"Only because you lecture me, I'm older than you, I should be doing the lecturing…" She smiled and leant down to kiss him softly, "Friends with benefits…"
"That's all…" He smiled back, "Which reminds me..."
"How did we manage to get from the library to your room so quickly..?"
"It's all a blur…" She yawned, and slipped away from him, "I'm going to have a bath.. where are my clothes?" she scanned the floor, keeping the sheets around her,
"I'd say you could take the sheets with you but I'm in them and I'm really comfortable."
"Ha ha.." she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
"Wear my Kimono.. it's on the edge of the bed." Dracob suggested, already making himself at home. Krave picked up the blue kimono and wrapped it round her loosely, standing up and sorting out her hair before walking to the bathroom, "It's a bit short on me." she joked,
"Shut up.." he smiled, throwing a pillow at her, she giggled and closed the bathroom door to shield herself from the oncoming pillow. She started her bath and picked out some bath salts and bubble bath, she thought it would be fun to treat herself. Once her bath was run she slipped off the kimono and stepped in, keeping her long white hair out of the water and allowed herself to relax. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, sinking further into the bubbles.

The feeling of being watched came over her quickly and she opened one eye to look at the door, expecting Dracob to be there, he wasn't, maybe she was just being paranoid. She closed her eye again and tried to keep her relaxation, when the feeling was unbearable she opened her eyes just in time to see a shadow dart across the room, she sat up with a shot and gripped the edges of the bath. Her eyes darted all round the room, glaring at the corners, "Dracob?" she called to outside,
"What is it?" He answered back, sounding grumpy,
"Come in here." she ordered, glaring suspiciously at the walls. Dracob came in, wearing a long bathrobe he must have found in her closet,
"By your tone I'm guessing you don't want me to join you?"
"No. There's something in here." Krave looked him over, "You're wearing my bathrobe.."
"Well you were wearing my Kimono I'm sure we're equal now."
She gave a glare and held out her hand, "Well we'll swap, your's is on the floor and I would like to get out of this bath."
"Are you sure? It looks like a wonderful bath."
"Give me me bath robe!" She snapped, Dracob gave a dull blink and picked up his Kimono, slipping off the bath robe and putting his kimono back on. Krave grabbed her bathrobe and standing up in the bath, putting it on and stepping out. "Get me my sword…"
"Okay, Krave. I'm not a slave not only so, I have no idea where your sword is."
"Under the bed."
"Right," he said, trudging out, "So this is my reward…"
"I'll reward you later if you stop complaining." she said, keeping her eyes locked on the room. He came back in luging the sword behind him,
"If you don't I will be one grumpy caterpillar." He smiled and handed the sword to her.


Krave walked through the royal village market, passing cute and fancy shops and stalls. Sweet smells hung in the air as she past the bakers, she stopped and walked backwards and looked through the shop window, Dracob was talking to one of the cashiers. The boy had bright pink hair tied out of his face for the benefit of whoever was buying the cake he was icing, Dracob was clearly not buying anything. She smiled to herself and walked in, tapping Dracob on the shoulder, "So you ARE into that kind of stuff." smirking at him, Dracob blinked at her then smiled,
"Ilaydd comes into the library a lot.. I was just asking about his knowledge that's all…"
Ilaydd nodded, "I was reading about Bakus, I find them especially interesting." smiling, "If you don't mind however, I have to get back to work" He waved to Dracob who gave a smile back, Krave had to almost drag him out.
"I think he likes you." She giggled once they were far away from the bakery,
"Nonsense." Dracob said, placing his hands inside his sleeves, "I was only asking."
"Well how come you're all dressed up?" Krave smirked,
Dracob blinked and looked down at himself, he was wearing something far classier than his usual lazily thrown on blue kimono which he would go out in too often. Today he had dressed up in a rather feminine looking chinese martial arts uniform, a deep blue with large sleeves and a white dragon climbing up the back. His trousers were a very light cream colour, almost white with extremely pale blue dragons decorating it, it was indeed fancy for Dracob to be wearing.
"My brother made it for me, it just arrived today so I thought I should try them out."
"Ah… Rin." Krave smiled, "The charming brother."
"He's only 'charming' because he wants to be, if I wanted to be charming I would." He said, quickening his pace.
"Well, is it comfy?" Krave hurried to catch up,
"Not as comfortable as what I usually wear."  He sighed.


Knight sat at her bedroom window, condemned to a life on the inside. She watched the snow fall and form a white blanket over the family gardens. Two figures walked along the thick blanket, the man wore complete blue to match his hair and the girl, Knight's twin sister. She watched closely as they walked, joked and laugh. When they stopped outside the door to the house, she watched him face her sister and speak, whatever he said had said caused a blush to crawl across his cheeks. Knight let a smile form as the man placed a small kiss on her sister's lips, they parted and she ran inside, barely containing her smile. The man looked up at Knight's window and grinned, she grinned back and opened her window, "You remember our deal?"
"How could I forget, where do you want to go fist?"
"China!" she beamed, she'd thought of this very carefully,
"Why not? You have family there right? I could stay with them!"
He considered this for a while before grinning up at her, "China it is!"

this chapter mainly focuses on Krave, not sure if it's obvious xDD

I wanted to show her relationships.. and her now complete LACK of family.

it's rather short and yes there is a slight sexual theme but oh well xD

All these characters and story line © ~HomicidalTeaBreak

AND ILAYDD JONES © ~LeopardPaws16
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LeopardPaws16 Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually.. ONE of those characters is mine ^^

Mister Ilaydd Jones is not yours, missy.
HomicidalTeaBreak Dec 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Oh yeah I forgot he was in there
LeopardPaws16 Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:3 by the way his name is spelt Ilyadd.
HomicidalTeaBreak Dec 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
not the way I spell it :3
LeopardPaws16 Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Woman he's MY character.
HomicidalTeaBreak Dec 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
>u> Yeas but that is how it was first spelt therefore I stick to the original ehehehehe
LeopardPaws16 Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ilyadd, woman, ILYADD.
HomicidalTeaBreak Dec 10, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I will never spell it like that >3>ILAYDD
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